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2002 Wisconsin Governor's Conference Slide Show    2001 Weather Highlights
2002 Wisconsin Tornadoes  Map and Statistics  NWS Milwaukee
Camping Safety           By Dr. Chuck Doswell
July   4,  1977   Wisconsin Derecho  
May 31,  1998   Southern Wisconsin Derecho

June 25, 1998   Janesville Wisconsin Tornado   By Scott Weberpal
May  12,  2001   Wisconsin H-P Supercell
Sept   2,  2002   Central Wisconsin Tornadoes (Radar & Meteorology)
Sept 30,  2002   North Central Wisconsin Tornadoes
Oct.    4,  2002   Hartland, Wisconsin Gustnado
Midwest Climate Info - MCC

Monthly Tornado Statistics - From the Storm Prediction Center

Night Time Tornadoes More Deadly - from NIU University Scientists
Nexrad Archives                   Archived Doppler radar imagery   REF & VEL.
NOAA Photo Library     -   Lots of Weather pics
NWS On-Line Publications
NWS Service Assessments  -  Review of Catastrophic Weather Events
Overpasses & Tornadoes     -  Not a safe place to stop
Oakfield Wisconsin F5 Tornado
Radar Glossary
Radar Interpretation   (OKFirst)  What the screen really tells you and why.
Radar Imagery: Signatures, Studies, Examples  various links
Radar Meteorology [UIUC]
Radar Principles (Velocity) Slide Show
Regional Climate Analysis - CRC
Siren Wisconsin Tornado      Duluth NWS Evaluation
Siren Wisconsin Tornado      Rory Groves Storm Chaser
Siren Wisconsin Tornado      Journal-Sentinel Newspaper
Siren Wisconsin Tornado      Awareness Survey
Siren Wisconsin Tornado      Satellite & Radar
Siren Wisconsin Tornado      Pictures/charts/graphs/radar
State Climate Offices
Storm Events / Storm Data     Look up storm reports from NCDC
Tornado FAQ
Tornadoes: Primer & Preparedness Guide - NOAA
The Tornado Project   - The Bible of Tornado History
UCAR Image Archive   -  Meteorological imagery
Wisconsin State Climate Office

Wisconsin Tornadoes      By Fond Du Lac ,WI, Chaser Don Lloyd







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