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What is Zello?

Zello is a free walkie-talkie communication program.  Users of the program can talk directly to each other or multiple users can join a channel where they can talk to each other as a group.  People can use their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs to talk with other people.  You can also send pictures to other people using Zello.

Who can use Zello?

  Anyone can download the program and create a username.  The program is available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 8, and Windows PC. 

Why use Zello?

Milwaukee Skywarn uses Zello because we can quickly distribute information to a large number of people.  We can also collect storm reports from anyone on Zello.  Since many people have a computer or smartphone, many people will have Zello available to them.  The programs only use data when someone is talking, so cell phone data usage is kept to a minimum.  You can set Zello to run in the background on your phone or computer so you will never miss a message.  Zello can also record messages for playback at a later time.

How to Get Started

Go to and click the free download button.  You can then select your platform and begin to download the program.  You can also find the Zello app on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store.  After downloading the program you will need to create a username and password to use on Zello.  You can then search for our channels: “Milwaukee Skywarn Radio Feed” and “milwaukeeskywarn”  See screenshots below.

Zello Channels

We have two channels on Zello that everyone is encouraged to join.  Because our group is made up of volunteers, the channels might not be monitored by Milwaukee Skywarn personnel at all times.  You can click on links below, scan the QR codes with your mobile device, or search for the channel names (in red below) in the Zello program.

Milwaukee Skywarn Radio Feed

This is a live broadcast of our own UHF radio channel and is a listen-only channel.  Our volunteers broadcast National Weather Service warnings, watches, and statements.  We also broadcast frequent radar updates storm trends, weather impacts, and timely information of interest to spotters.  Storm spotters in the field also submit their reports via two-way radio.  All of this is without the chit-chat found on amateur radio channels.Stay signed in to this channel for continuous updates.


This channel is used for spotters to submit their reports.  Our volunteers monitor the channel to collect the reports and to submit them to the National Weather Service.  Spotters can also use this channel to talk with each other and share information.  We also broadcast warnings, watches, statements, radar updates, storm trends, weather impacts, and information of interest to spotters.  The content on this channel is often different from the radio feed channel, so spotters are encouraged to stay connected to both channels.Sign into this channel for updates, to submit reports, and to talk to other spotters.


Android app

After downloading the app, and creating an account, tap Channels.  Then, tap the search button and search for our channel names: “Milwaukee Skywarn Radio Feed” and “milwaukeeskywarn” you can add both of our channels as they will be saved in the channels tab in the app.

To make a transmission on a channel, simply hold down the large microphone circle in the center of the screen.


PC Program:
After downloading the program, installing it, and creating an account, click Tools and Add channel. 

Then, search for our channel names: “Milwaukee Skywarn Radio Feed” and “milwaukeeskywarn”

You can add both channels and they will be saved in the program. To transmit on a channel, just click on the Zello button at the bottom of the window.

More screenshots available at:

For assistance with setting up Zello or joining the channels, please contact: